No one will ever accomplish as much on their
own as they will in a partnership with a success coach.

I know that is a very strong statement however, having coached thousands of entrepreneurs and business executives over the last 25 years in 18 different countries has convinced me that without a personal success coach, a person will accomplish only a fraction of what they could with a coach. An effective coach helps you define with pinpoint clarity where you are going and then helps you create a focused, defined plan and pathway to accomplish those goals and dreams in the time frame that you want them.   If you want to take your personal and professional life to the next level, accountability to someone who understands the human dynamics of achievement is not an option; it is a choice that will separate your results from the crowd and your current trajectory in life.

Our first step will begin with taking the Winslow Assessment.  This is without question the most comprehensive personality assessment found in the world today.

  • After 45 years of development, this assessment is utilized to make draft day decisions in Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League.
  • It is the featured assessment in the coaching programs of Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar and Denis Waitley.

It measures 48 different personality characteristics and produces a crystal clear picture of who I am coaching.  It empowers me to be a far more effective coach for you.  After you have taken the assessment we review it together to identify strengths and areas that we need to work on to facilitate your journey towards your stated vision.

We will develop your Life Achievement Plan to design our roadmap for the work that we will do together.  By defining your personal Mission Statement, Value Statement, Image Statement and Vision Statement, we will anchor the activities and actions you must take to progress rapidly towards your vision.

  • We need to clearly know where you want to go and define who you will be to the rest of the world.
  • We will set long term, midterm, and short term goals in a multitude of life's areas depending on what exactly you are going to be accomplishing.
  • We will identify clear benchmarks that need to be reached.

We will put together a highly defined plan of action to reach the goals in your journey.

On a weekly basis we will have a 30-60minute call where we review the week in great detail, assess the progress, reset goals missed and identify issues that may have been stumbling blocks.

  • We will celebrate victories and examine the reasons underlying any goals missed for the week.
  • At the end of each call, I will point you to an empowering resource to encourage your journey and strengthen your resolve.

The goal of each call is to leave you encouraged, focused and with a deep sense of BELIEF in your ability to make your vision a reality.

Let’s determine the best way to bring me on as your
Coach for ultimate success!

Coaching Package Options

Setting the Foundation

This coaching package includes the Winslow Assessment and Life Achievement Plan. The assessment allows us to see your areas of strength and areas where you need to focus to empower the journey towards your heartfelt goals. The Life Achievement plan will help separate you from the masses - most people never take the time to clearly map out where they are going let alone create a plan to get there. In our 90-minute session via Skype or phone, we will review both your Winslow Assessment results and your Life Achievement Plan to create clear action steps that progress you toward established goals.

Getting You Out of the Gates

This coaching package includes everything in the Foundation package plus four additional 45-minute coaching sessions. In these Skype or phone sessions, I will become your accountability partner to help you stay focused, disciplined, and methodical in your action plan. We will review your action plan for that week, see if you stayed on track, and review issues that come up to reset very specific goals for the next week of progress. Each session will be uplifting and empowering so that within the first four sessions, you will begin to see habits forming that are necessary to reach your goals.


Claiming Momentum Towards Your Goals

This coaching package includes everything in options 1 and 2 and will include a total of 12 coaching sessions of 45 minutes via phone or Skype. Every week for 12 weeks we will review progress made, reset goals and tweak activities. All of this is to identify what is either empowering or dis-empowering, as you progress towards setting your new habits. It is rare that someone will create life altering habits in 30 days, yet life-altering habits create life-altering results. In my experience, the creation of life-altering habits takes 90 days PLUS the accountability that comes from an empowering coaching relationship.

Let John help drive your performance to new levels of accelerated growth and success.