Leadership is one of the most sought after qualities in the world. Discover what it means to truly be a leader and develop your leadership potential.

lead-with-courageSpeaking Topics

The Courage to Lead

Join John as he reveals the keys to one of his most deeply held beliefs; leadership is not about position or rank. Leadership is a life philosophy. This presentation is essential no matter your position in the company and has given team extraordinary advantages as each person discovers the importance of taking a leadership role.

Piecing Together Success

There are four crucial "Pieces of the Success Puzzle" that you must master to gain unprecedented levels of achievement. These are Attitude, People Skills, Leadership and Team Building.  In this presentation John takes your audience through a close examination of each of these success pieces.


Moxie Bootcamp

Leadership is a skill that can be learned and enhanced throughout one’s life and career. In this interactive workshop John will develop you leadership skills and discuss the philosophy that leadership is a choice. Leadership is not a position, it is choice. Join John as he teaches his audience how to lead in any circumstance, every day.

Leadership Is a Choice, Not a Title.


Leadership is not about position or rank. Leadership is a life philosophy. It is a choice to engage in life and in business with the full level of your integrity, grit, determination, patience, urgency, passion, inspiration and commitment. As a result, other people are compelled to follow you and to raise the level of their contributions beyond what they would do without you as a leader. Leadership is contagious, and we all have the ability to lead.

Anyone who chooses to do so can begin a leadership oriented momentum specific to their work habits, integrity, unselfishness, and willingness to serve as an inspiration.

John will give you the tools he has provided to men and woman around the world who choose to deliver the level of courage necessary to lead a team of people.

In over 25 years of sharing the same platforms as a Speaker with some of the giants of the industry we have had the good fortune to observe the best of the best.  John Terhune is by far one of the elite Motivational Speakers in the country.  He Inspires, Captivates, Motivates and Challenges every audience he speaks to!

Joe Pici