People Skills

The number one skill employers seek out in potential prospects is extraordinary People Skills.

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Enhancing Your People Skills

Learn of the vital nature of developing great people skills. John will walk you through different aspects of people skills to include the art of being a great listener, learning the importance of body language, and discovering the role one’s self-image plays in the development of exceptional people skills.

Piecing Together Success

There are four crucial "Pieces of the Success Puzzle" that you must master to gain unprecedented levels of achievement. These are Attitude, People Skills, Leadership and Team Building.  In this presentation John takes your audience through a close examination of each of these success pieces.


Mastering People Skills

Examine the vital importance of developing great people skills so your audience will clearly understand how people skills impact their professional as well as personal life. Studies consistently show that organizations place a premium on hiring people with exceptional people skills. The tools John provides will allow you to maximize your interpersonal skills and lead your team to the next level of success.

People Skills with Purpose

people-skillsJohn has made his life’s work observing human behavior and interaction from various perspectives, and is more convinced today than ever before that great people skills are the key to success in all areas of one's life.

Anyone can develop their people skills to the point where they will begin to see marked improvement in their business and personal relationships. People SKILLS are just that. They are SKILLS that can be learned and improved upon by anyone with the desire to do so. John is has mastered the art of transitioning his audience into a group with extraordinary people skills.

A key place to start is working within your organization so all employees see this skill set as one of their greatest personal assets. John examines ten different areas of people skills that we encounter almost every day of our life; from the art of the conversation, to the importance of remembering someone's name....from the power of being a great listener to the power of business manners.

John provides a clear pathway for your team to be in a constant state of improvement in these vital areas of human interaction. After working with John, each person will understand the significance of top notch people skills in their personal and professional lives. You team will be not only inspired but empowered to begin their journey to enhanced people skills.

The Power of People Skills

Success in business and success in life is about 10 percent technical skills and 90 percent people skills.terhune-book


It would be difficult to define an area of personal development that has more impact in every area of one's life beyond that of people skills. In Enhanced People Skills, John supplies his readers with real-world strategies a person can immediately use to improve upon actively engaging with people. This life changing book is for anyone who is seeking to become more successful in life as an employee, business owner, leader, negotiator, spouse, parent, friend or mentor.


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A powerful guide to mastering perhaps the most important skill in terms of both business and personal success. A masterpiece!

Dr. Ernst Taeger