Team Building

Being an interactive team member is essential in mastering success both personally and professionally.

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team-building10 Attitudes That Make a Great Team

Understanding that a synergistic, inspired and appreciated team of people will unleash an unprecedented level of power and change within your organization is one key to success. Join John as he lays out his groundbreaking techniques for mastering team work and moving fluidly as an effective, profitable, and exceptional organization.

Piecing Together Success

There are four crucial "Pieces of the Success Puzzle" that you must master to gain unprecedented levels of achievement. These are Attitude, People Skills, Leadership and Team Building.  In this presentation John takes your audience through a close examination of each of these success pieces.

Teamwork is Everything

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Effective team work is more than just a group of people working together on a task.  It is always built on the attitudes and acknowledgments of the members of the team. Those attitudes and acknowledgements include:

  • An attitude that the team comes before the individual;
  • Each member of the team knowing what the mission is and what role they play in the accomplishment of the mission;
  • A willingness to go above and beyond to assist each member of the team perform their best;
  • A willingness to allow consensus to build and rule the day;
  • Always giving the benefit of the doubt to a team member;
  • An attitude of humility wherein a team member knows that the team is smarter than any one person within the team;
  • An attitude of encouragement;
  • An attitude that recognizes others strengths and allows them to shine in their area of strength;
  • An attitude of esprit de corps; and
  • An attitude of enthusiasm and unity.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 11.13.01 AMA great visual of effective team work is the sport of sculling.  When each member of a sculling team are working in harmony, it is as close to a picture that you can see of poetry in motion.  Everyone moving in the same direction, in harmony, enhancing the effectiveness of each person's individual strokes through the synergy of synchronized effort towards a common end goal.


Great leaders know that surrounding yourself with the right people is essential to lasting success. The significance of great teamwork skills can never be underestimated. Working as a team has consistently provided positive results, and allows you to grow both personally and professionally. Working with team members allows for a greater potential to develop innovative solutions to problems. It gives each team member the chance to share responsibility and set an accountability standard.

Exceptional teamwork also opens areas for growth in developing outstanding communication skills and working with a support network that gives your organization the ability to move to the next platform of success.

Discover how essential teamwork is to an organization and implement John’s life changing teamwork strategies to advance your own life and those around you.

John Terhune's message is always uplifting and points you in the right direction.  His energy is contagious creating a desire for more! I am always amazed that his message is directly related to what I need to hear to take my business to the next level.

Kilene Schelle