I have known John Terhune for four years during which I have had many opportunities to watch and listen to this incredibly gifted public speaker speaking with great passion to small audiences, even to large audiences numbering in the thousands. He is arguably one of the most dynamic and impassioned speakers I have ever heard. His presentations are always natural and sincere, dynamic, never over the top, a “human being speaking head and heart to other human beings”. He is always looking into the eyes of audience members as he speaks. John speaks from the heart in a voice that is colorful and natural; he possesses the gift of being artfully dramatic when appropriate. He routinely praises his audience is a very subtle way and empathizes with the problems his listeners may be facing. Never condescending but always encouraging and motivating, John routinely receives standing ovations wherever he speaks.

Dr. Ernst Taeger
Dr. Ernst Taeger Orthodontist and Associate Professor

The secret to John Terhune is not that he has a tremendous understanding of success principles, which he does.  It’s his ability to transfer that knowledge in a way that others “get it”.  Through his teachings, people want and know how to apply these principles.  He is one of the best teachers I have known and is a dynamic motivator.  I have personally experienced his coaching from one on one with executives and training small groups, to speaking/motivating/inspiring a packed house in the Georgia Dome and 50,000 plus people two weekends in a row in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  As the past President of Merrill Lynch Insurance, I have known and observed many speakers, trainers, and motivators but none have been as effective in achieving actual results as John.

Don Brindley
Don Brindley Past President Merrill Lynch Insurance

In over 25 years of sharing the same platforms as a Speaker with some of the giants of the industry we have had the good fortune to observe the best of the best.  John Terhune is by far one of the elite Motivational Speakers in the country.  He Inspires, Captivates, Motivates and Challenges every audience he speaks to!

Joe Pici
Joe Pici Owner Pici and Pici Inc. Strategic Corporate Trainers

I have been in the Personal Development Profession for over 25 years, I have spoken with the biggest names in the industry.  But the most articulate and inspiring talent I have ever had the pleasure of listening to or learning from is John Terhune.

Not only is John articulate and inspiring, his teaching and stories are always relevant to the topic and the significance of his skill set is that he may be the most relatable speaker in the world.  He really connects on every level!

Marshall Douglas
Marshall Douglas Real Estate Developer/Purple Heart Recipient/CPA

John Terhune, Attitude , Attitude, Attitude, is what this truly motivational giant gives us as the secrets to a wonderful life. He has the passion and delivery needed to get his audience PUMPED!!   I feel inspired every time I hear him speak.

Marty Monahan
Marty Monahan CVCP,DC,NMD, St Augustine

I have had the privilege of hearing John Terhune speak on various occasions, and his speeches have always inspired me to be a better person and make the best of my life's path.  His speaking style is very engaging and comes from his heart and life experiences.  There is no doubt that he wants to inspire and instill the best in every person that he is addressing!

Ann Kief
Ann Kief Real Estate Investor and College Professor

John Terhune is THE MOST motivating Inspirational speaker that I have ever experienced.  The first time I heard John speak I was blown away.  He is a man that makes you want to perform to the best of your ability and be THE BEST you can be.  He makes me want to finish first at EVERYTHING I do.

I listen too many of his motivational recordings while working out. They keep me pumped up!

Marty Keefe
Marty Keefe Fence Company Owner/Real Estate Professional

Many public speakers rely on hype to keep an audience involved. They forget that words matter. John Terhune is the consummate professional speaker. He delivers his message with clarity, enthusiasm and positive energy. Mr. Terhune’s words are always inspiring.

Art McDade
Art McDade Staffing and Human Resource Specialist

John is an incredible communicator who inspires both collaborative teamwork and passionate commitment.

Ernie Lechner
Ernie Lechner Medical Sales/R.N.

John Terhune's message is always uplifting and points you in the right direction.  His energy is contagious creating a desire for more! I am always amazed that his message is directly related to what I need to hear to take my business to the next level.

Kilene Schelle
Kilene Schelle Entrepreneur

"I have been privileged to hear John Terhune speak publicly for several years, his knowledge of the subject matter and style of delivery all make for a terrific experience.   He is one of the best speakers I have heard.   His passion is evident from the first to the very last word!"

Fred Pollitt
Fred Pollitt Commercial Real Estate Broker

John has the ability to deeply connect with and motivate you individually or with an audience of thousands. His message will leave you knowing he was speaking to your potential personally. I dare you to try to find another person with John's skill set.

Dave Dugas
Dave Dugas Owner Medical Supplies Company

John Terhune:  "Lock 'n' Load" comes to mind.  I very clearly remember the first time I saw John on stage in 2009 and have experienced him several times since then. He is often the last speaker in a long line of speakers.  I understand why.  After a full day or a weekend conference, the crowd is either listless or ready to go home or (best case) crescending to the ever expected peak of the moment.  Either way, John makes the day.  To say he energizes the audience does not do him justice; more like, he electrifies.  He is a powerhouse speaker, extremely adept in enrolling inspiring and moving people to radical action.  He is authentic, innovative, original and unabashedly passionate.  All "thumbs up" for John Terhune.

Kathleen Palmer
Kathleen Palmer Real Estate Broker, Investor, Philanthropist

John Terhune is one of the most energetic and motivating speakers I have ever heard. He inspires the listener in a way that very few speakers can accomplish. His messages are so captivating and memorable that I find myself quoting him for months and years after I hear him.

Richard H Mays
Richard H Mays MD/Director of Integrative Medicine UT

We have heard John Terhune speak on several occasions and he NEVER fails to inspire and motivate us because of his great passion for helping people reach their full potential. He has a gift for developing and implementing unique training programs that teach all aspects of success. If you have the privilege of being a part of a John Terhune training program or hear him speak, you have been inspired, motivated and/or trained by the very best.

Ray and Mikelyn Clausen
Ray and Mikelyn Clausen Owners of Marketing Associates International